Sunday, June 12, 2011

Works Cited page

I decided to get a jump on the work cited page, although we still haven't finished all of the regular chapters.  I put this together based on what sources where in your final drafts.  We are still waiting on a few chapters to be approved and sent back to the editing team.  Other than that, the work cited on one or two chapters didn't have enough information to cite the pic used.  If this is the case I sent you an email asking for more.  I appreciate comments and collaborations.  The work cited isn't set it stone, and if you can give it an edit, Nyssa, and help make it more uniform I would appreciate it.. 
Take a look at the work cited list for our eBook here.


  1. Change "Work Cited" to "Works Cited"
    Since page numbering is problematic in an eBook, I wonder if chapter numbering is more important. We hadn't discussed this, but looking at the works cited page made me realize that the convention in many scholarly books is to group notes by chapter (including by chapter number):
    Chapter 1: Breaking Conventions: A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Scholarly Writing in a Digital Environment
    Chapter 2: Chasing the White Whale of Literary Blogging

    What do you think?

  2. Sounds good. Should we do that for the TOC and individual chapters s well?

  3. Hey sam,

    Sent u an email. I'm still waiting up for the final ebook files so I can publish tonight. Shoot me a text and lemme know where ur at with it. Thanx.